Investors Information Page

This page is prepared and maintained for disseminating information about the company to its shareholders / investors. This page also include all/link to the mandatory disclosure / information as per Section 46 of SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA (LISTING OBLIGATIONS AND DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS) REGULATIONS, 2015 (LODR)

Basic Brief About the company – The company is RBI registered Non deposit taking non systematically Important NBFC.

R&D Infotech Pvt. Ltd,
 7A, Beltala Road, Kolkata – 700026
Tel. :033 – 24631657 / 58
Fax. :033 – 24761657

Shareholder Grievance Redressal

Designated/Compliance Officer – Company Secretary –
Address – Room No 4a, 2 clive ghat street, Kolkata 700001 ; Ph – 03322299897 / 70030 39364 ; Email cs @

*Please cite the folio numbers (if you hold physical shares) or the DP ID and Client ID (if your holdings are dematerialized) in all your correspondence.

Financial Information:

Notices of Board Meetings including Meetings where financials results shall be/ were discussed

Approved Financial Results Broad Meeting

Annual Reports

Shareholding Patterns

46 (2) (n) Details of agreements entered into with the media companies and/or their associates – Nil

46 (2) (o/oa) Schedule of analysts or institutional investors meet and presentations made by the listed entity to analysts or institutional investors & Audit / Video recording/ Transcripts post earning – No such presentation / calls are arranged by the management

46 (2) (p) Old Corporate Name of the Company – N.A.

46 (2) (q) – Copies of Newspaper Advertisement – Hereunder

Financial ResultsAGM Notice
Results 31/03/2022 AGM Notice 30/09/2022
Results 30/06/2022
Results 30/09/2022
Results 31/12/2022

46 (2) (r) Credit ratings – not obtained in past few years

46 (2) (s) Subsidiary Accounts – Company has no subsidiary

46 (2) (u) Policy for determination of materiality of events or information

46 (2) (v) Contact details of key managerial personnel who are authorised for the purpose of determining as required under regulation 30(5)

As required under the Regulation 30 (5) of the SEBI LODR Regulations, the Managing Director (sumit@ and Company Secretary (cs @ ) shall severally be the Competent Authority to decide materiality of an event /information or development for the purpose of making disclosure to the Stock Exchange

46 (2) (w) Disclosure under 30 (8) of LODR i.e. all events or information which has been disclosed to stock exchange – The list and Archive system is getting prepared and would be upd ated soon. Meanwhile such information is easily accessible by clicking here

46 (2) (x) Statement of deviations(s) and variation(s) as specified in regulation 32 of LODR is not applicable for the company as the company has not raised money which is pending utilisation.

46 (2) (y) Dividend Distribution Policy is non mandatory for the company as company doesnot fall under 43A of LODR

46 (2) (z) Annual Return as per Section 92 of the Companies Act 2013 and rule made thereunder – MGT_7_JPIL2022